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Board of the REHA Tours Foundation
Drs. Nico WolterDr Nico Wolter

Chairman of the foundation Dr Nico Wolter studied medicine at Maastricht University and has been working as an insurance physician since 1988. He has suffered from ankylosing spondylitis since childhood.

Surprised by the remarkably positive effects he experienced from the combined therapies of the Gastein Heilstollen therapy himself, he developed a therapy programme for rheumatic diseases.

This therapy has been extensively studied and had proven success. Not only rheumatic patients but also people suffering from other chronic diseases have shown to benefit from the therapy.

Through the initiatives of the REHA Tours Foundation, Dr Nico Wolter wants to make this successful therapy accessible to the widest possible group of patients.

The board of the REHA Tours Foundation also includes:

Dr Richard Bongaerts, general practitioner in Hasselt and medical advisor