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Experiences of participants

The following posts written by participants on their therapies with REHA Tours speak for themselves.

A. Dahler
"Following tips, explanations and advice from Dr Nico Wolter, I went to Bad Hofgastein to join a two-week course. I was really pleased with the programme, even though I was initially sceptical; after all, I thought... what can two weeks do to change my complaints?" It's also a bit strange to be away from home for weeks, in a different environment, with new faces etc.

I have incipient spondylitis symptoms, but I had enormous difficulty staying asleep and thus resting. And I was often stiff in the mornings and tired throughout the day. I noticed a huge difference in the first few days. Coincidence ... It is a full and intensive programme, but combined with the surroundings and complete absence of daily chores, it is very doable.

I'm currently almost complaint-free and I am using less medication. I've been much less tired. Obviously my complaints throughout the day have not completely vanished, but even being able to get up 'normally' and feeling fitter are huge steps forward.

I will definitely participate again and I can recommend it to anyone."

Armand Dahler, Heerlen, spondylitis patient


Marnick Robijns
"I can function normally again and I need much less medication."

Marnick Robijns, asthma and COPD patient



Stef Heuts
"I can do all the things I used to again and I don't need medication anymore!"

Stef Heuts, juvenile arthritis patient



Fleur Wipperfurth
"My physical strength has increased markedly
and I take half the medication I used to. I feel fit again!"

Fleur Wipperfurth, reumatoïd arthritis patient


Inge Cillekens
"I took part in the REHA Tours therapy programme in Austria for the second time in October 2014. I am very familiar with spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. After my first treatment I stopped suffering from morning stiffness and had less pain and more energy for more than six months. I was also able to reduce my medication by half. This is also cost effective for CZ, which reimburses most of my treatment. The rheumatism is not gone, but my quality of life has improved a lot from the stay in Bad Hofgastein. This time I chose to spend two weeks at the Hotel Rauscher. The room, care and support were excellently arranged. If someone wishes to talk to me in person the therapy programme, they are welcome to contact me."

Inge Cillekens, spondylitis, rheumatoïd arthritis and osteoarthritis patient