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Therapy programmes

Dr Nico Wolter's basic therapy

The therapy developed by Dr Nico Wolter is multidisciplinary and designed so that participants can benefit from both individual and group treatments.

The main therapy components are:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Swimming in thermal spring water
  • Exercises
  • Nordic Walking
  • Various other sports activities
  • Gastein Heilstollen therapy
  • Thermal baths (Radon bath)
  • Saunas and Turkish baths
  • Massages
  • TCM

The therapy is supplemented with information and advice on nutrition, posture, movement and other matters that are relevant for long-term rehabilitation.

Therapieprogramma Therapieprogramma Therapieprogramma

Gasteiner HeilstollenDuring the course of the programme, the participants' progress is continuously monitored, and, should this prove to be necessary, the programme can be adjusted in the interim.

The therapy and the programmes that are based on the therapy have undergone extensive scientific testing. In particular, the Maastricht Study has demonstrated the long-term positive effects of Dr Nico Wolter's therapy.

The therapy facilities in the Gasteinertal are one of a very professional and even unique level. The therapy programme includes the use of the facilities at the Alpen Therme of the Kurzentrum Health Resort and the globally unique Gasteiner Heilstollen (see also the website www.gasteinerheilstollen.com).

Dr Nico Wolter's therapy based on the work situation

Especially for participants who due to their rheumatic complaints or physical situation are otherwise limited in their work situation or for people who are going through a reintegration process, REHA Tours refers the participants to the Triple-R Group, for following a so-called reintegration program.

With the elements of the basic therapy described above as the point of departure, a programme is created that is aimed improving physical strength with a view to increasing work capacity. To this end, the physician can also prescribe additional therapies in addition to the basic therapies, for which a separate fee is required.

Triple RAt the end of the reintegration programme, participants receive a written report that is suitable for non-medical stakeholders. This lay report offers insight into the phsyical situation at the beginning and the end of the therapy in terms of work-related aspects.